May Taherzadeh


May Taherzadeh is a multi award-winning independent filmmaker who has directed films in over 15 countries across 6 continents.

May was born in the UK, grew up in southern Africa (Malawi, Swaziland, South Africa, Zimbabwe), is ethnically Iranian and currently lives in the Netherlands with her husband and their 4 children.

“Art can better awaken such noble sentiments than cold rationalizing, especially among the mass of the people.”   Bahá’í Writings


Martijn Kersten


For over a decade, Martijn had the privilege to immerse himself in what he loves most: to learn about the dynamics of organisations of the future. He has collaborated with organisations in 50 countries worldwide in the development of leadership and organisational systems that unlock the power of action in large numbers of individuals and channel these energies towards common goals benefiting humanity. He has also assisted hundreds of individuals from over 40 countries with their personal struggles and becoming agents of positive change.


Rahmin Bender


Rahmin is an entrepreneur, social psychologist, and academic focusing on the application of design research and creativity on business and policy.  His work on this project is through Creativo Design and his initiative to always dedicate a portion of his time and the firm's resources to meaningful and social impact-oriented projects.